SEO for coaches: how to use and choose the ideal keywords

SEO for coaches: how to choose and use the ideal keywords for SEO power

Do you want your coaching practice to be found online? Do you want your ideal clients to follow a trail straight to you, right when they need you? Then you need to know how to use and choose the ideal keywords for SEO.

On 28 March 2018, our friend and SEO guru Robert Simmons gave us a wonderful video masterclass on how to choose and use the ideal keywords for SEO on our homepage and over our website for optimal performance in Google searches, so that our ideal clients come knocking on our door asking for us to serve them.

The class that Robert gave us was extremely useful. We all left with actionable tips and a much clearer idea of how to go looking for and deciding on the perfect keywords to boost our rankings and represent our coaching service online.

How to choose and use the ideal keywords for SEO power: Webinar highlights

Here are the main points we touched.

    • SEO in a sentence: SEO is the art/science of getting your website to show up higher in Google search results. Higher ranking = more traffic. People don’t normally go beyond the second or even first page when looking for something on Google: so it really matters where we show up in searches.
    • Minimal viable approach to SEO: Keywords.
      Keywords are the beginning of all SEO work. If you don’t have keywords you’re targeting, how can you rank?
    • Myths about keywords that we should stop believing in:
      using keywords in meta tags – Keyword stuffing is good – Buying links will fix everything – Keywords don’t matter anymore. Robert explains how these old myths have ceased being relevant.
    • How to use and choose the ideal keywords for SEO: tools and strategies. Google Keywords Planner. First you have to put yourself in the mindset of your client. What would they be searching for? which keywords would they be using? For example: if you’re a health coach, you may want people to find your “advanced ketosis diet consulting” page to book an appointment. But your clients aren’t searching for that – they’re searching for “keto diet coach“ or “easy keto diet”. Second, you should be thinking about the intent behind a set of keywords. Someone searching for “life coach annual income” is likely exploring the possibility of becoming a life coach, not searching for a life coach of their own.
    • Optimising individual pages. What keywords should we use on our homepage, as opposed to our services or other pages? For instance, your homepage needs to be optimised slightly differently, for your business name and location.. What to do when you are a global business in a saturated niche.
    • How many keywords should we use over our website? The difference between keywords for pages and keywords for blog posts. How keywords are often ‘key phrases’ instead.
    • Some things are best left to the professionals: a super-affordable Coach Site Creator keywords research product that will guarantee you get the best keywords to use on your website.
    • And much more – watch the video and make sure you take plenty of notes, to supercharge your website’s SEO power.

Links mentioned in the video:

15 Keywords product
Free or cheap SEO resources
Set up Google My Business
Google Keyword Planner

Here is the link to our SEO keyword research product again. 

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