SEO advice for coaches: a guide to SEO resources

SEO advice for coaches: a guide to SEO resources

This article provides vital SEO advice for coaches, in the form of a guide to free or cheap SEO resources that will help you get your coaching business found on Google.

Here at Coach Site Creator we are on a mission: making sure that coaches use their website as the smartest client conversion tool. We want to see our coaches’ businesses grow exponentially thanks to their website.

In order to achieve this, coaches need to give their website copy good SEO love.

SEO Advice for coaches

SEO is the art of making Google love your website. Google loves your website when the copy in it makes it very easy to find. This is a key thing to understand.

Good SEO practices are NOT about tricking Google into finding you: they are about making Google happy.

Google is happy when its customers are happy. Google’s customers are happy when Google does a good job of finding relevant results for their searches.

Be a good coach and make Google love you by making yourself easy to find. It can really be as simple as this.


Where to get started with SEO

In the roadmap here at Coach Site Creator we have all sorts of great trainings for our coaches, as part of our mission to get you to make the most out of your Coach Site Creator website.

While we get all of that ready, here is a list of essential SEO resources to get you started on the right track.

Whether you decide to write your own copy or whether you hire a copywriter, make sure SEO is at the top of the requirements.

The following resources are either free or very cheap, and always 100% worth the financial and time investment.

1. Free SEO webinars from iThemes, featuring Rebecca Gill

SEO advices for coaches. Free SEO webinars from iThemes.

Please, find the time to watch this series of free webinars on SEO, featuring Rebecca Gill. It’s the best SEO advice for coaches we can give you. Your coaching business deserves this.

2. Free blog posts on SEO from Yoast

SEO advice for coaches: Yoast's SEO basics.

Yoast is one of the most popular tools for SEO. Yoast allows you to apply good SEO to your copy, easily and quickly. Here at Coach Site Creator we use Yoast. Have a look at their ‘SEO basics’ category on their blog to find some great SEO advice for coaches and any other SEO self-starter.

3. Moz’s free guides to SEO

SEO advice for coaches: Moz's beginners guide to SEO.

Moz are a marketing company that focuses specifically on SEO – yes, did you know that SEO is at the basis of online marketing these days?

They have a TON of free resources for SEO newbies, as well as more advanced resources as you acquire precious SEO knowledge. Here’s their fantastic beginners’ guide, to start from. Plenty of great SEO advice for coaches – and anybody else, for that matter.

4. Rebecca Gill’s SEO podcast

SEO advice for coaches: Rebecca Gill's podcast on SEO.

We’ve already seen Rebecca Gill in action in the iThemes webinars. Here is her podcast, and it’s fantastic. Listening to it will make it extremely clear to you that you need to do content marketing if you are serious about growing your coaching business exponentially.

5. SEO For Growth book by Phil Singleton and John Jantsch

SEO advice for coaches: SEO for Growth book

This book is not free but if you are to spend a penny on SEO, make it this book. Seriously, it’s that good. Phil Singleton is an ace SEO person as well as brilliant web designer, and John Jantsch has been running Duct Tape Marketing for a long time. Both are very much worth listening to.


That’s all for now.

We believe that the best form of advice avoids overwhelm. So we’re ending this list here, because we’re sure that there is more than enough for you to sink your SEO teeth in. Heck, if you were to follow the advice of even just one of these resources, your SEO needs would be sorted.

We’ll just add a nugget of our personal wisdom: take SEO seriously. It’s not just about keywords: it’s about inbound marketing.

An internet search is the best moment for your business to be found: when a potential client looks for you, they already have the need for your services. 

This is ‘inbound marketing’, and it’s much more powerful than traditional ‘outbound marketing’ (i.e. advertising). It’s more powerful because it drives clients to your business when they are ready to buy.

So if you want to be found when your potential clients most need you, make sure your website is optimised for the services you offer.

Good SEO simply takes traffic away from your competitors, and sends it right over to you.

Is it as easy to be heard on social media, now that organic reach for business on Facebook is practically dead? Investing in good SEO is simply essential business strategy. Whether your coaching business is localised or not, make sure it gets found when it matters.

Then, what you should really be doing is creating as much content as possible – that’s the super-SEO-juice. But that’s for another blog post…





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